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Nature of "True Brahmoism"

"True Brahmos abhor any kind of image worship."

"True Brahmos respect the 1830 Trust deed of the Samaj which forbids the admission of any graven work, painting, sculpture or image etc. into the premises"

page 87 of "Calcutta: A Cultural and Literary History" by Krishna Dutta, fwd by Anita Desai, Published by Signal Books, 2003, ISBN 1902669592, 9781902669595"

It is True because there are many False Brahmos who ressurect Rammohan's bust and install it in their False Samajes to pray to, and in which False Samajes "Fatherhood of God", "Motherhood of God", "Kingdom of God" and "Loyalty to Sovereign" are taught (falsely) as Brahmic doctrine.

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