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Last Updated: 16 December 2009

A Brahmo web resource devoted to History of the Brahmo Samaj and development of modern Brahmoism with reference to evolution of its main branches the Adi Brahmo Samaj and the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj.

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Anusthanic Brahmos, Ananusthnic Brahmo Samaj

In 1902, the Highest Appellate Court of the British Empire (ie, the Privy Council) confirmed the dertailed 1899 finding by the High Court of the Punjab that "Anusthanic Brahmos"are not Hindoos, but the "An-anusthanic Brahmo Samajists" may very well be Hindoos. It is hence necessary to understand the theological differences between the 2 divisons of "Brahmoism".

Did God create matter ?

There is no contradiction between Debendranath and Rammohun. Using the "Big Bang" of cosmology theory, All "matter" in the universe is indestructible - and contracts and expands regularly. This is the "sound" of God "breathing". At some points in this breath cycle, all matter condenses into a single point "Singularity" at which brief moment in time there is a "Big Bang" symbolised as "AUM" - the primordial sound and Creation starts anew. At this moment in time, God is AUM, and as Debendranath wrote "Before creation no other object besides the Supreme God existed." ergo: The Supreme God at that moment is also an "object" ie. material and comprises all the matter in the universe.

What constitutes "True Brahmoism

Some have sought clarification on "True Brahmos and False Brahmos" and some other incidentals. Our position on these subjects is:- 1) Brahmoism is the highest form of Hinduism, and is so very different from what passes for Hinduism today that Brahmos consider themselves to be "beyond the pale of Hinduism" and a separate religion altogether. 2) A "True" Brahmo is either an adherent of Brahmoism to the exclusion of ll other religions, or a person with at least one Brahmo parent or guardian and who has never denied his faith.

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