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Brahmoism, Genetics, Memetics

Brahmoism, and information, is transmitted in at least 2 ways. Genetically or memetically. The human "genome" today has around 3 or 4 billion components (DNA / RNA etc pairs). It was the Tattwabodhini under young Master Hemendranath (founder of modern True Brahmoism) to whom were revealed the secrets of the human genome in about 1861. The power of this revelation transformed Brahmoism and also split it asunder and caused the Tattwabodhini (and its secrets) to go underground. Brahmanism is not an acquired trait, it is acquired genetically and reinforced memetically.

Cardinal precepts of Brahmoism (and pure Vedic Hinduism and many ancient religions) include

  • 1) Information / knowledge is transmitted genetically (this was experimentaly proveable in 19th century and is trivial to prove today)
  • 2) That we are the sum of our ancestors
  • 3) That we contain all our ancestors in our genes and our bodies and within us
  • 4) Godhood of father.
  • The Brahmo Samaj practices inclusion & not exclusion. It embraces all & rejects none. Anyone & everyone can become a Brahmo as long he subscribes to the Brahmo philosophy & the Brahmo way of life. No one can be kept out of the Samaj on account of man made distinctions of caste , bloodline, memes, genes, nationality etc. Everyone is equal before the Almighty - the one & only Brohmo. There is none more equal or less equal.

    The fact that Brahmoism's genetics and memetics is now finding its place in world religion proves conclusively that it was never obsolete, just a little in advance of its time.

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