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A Brahmo web resource devoted to the articles of faith and development of modern Brahmoism with reference to evolution of its main branches the Adi Brahmo Samaj and the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj.

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Brahmo Samaj - The Articles of Faith

The Brahmo 'Articles of Faith'

Brahmo Samaj embraces righteousness as the only way of life.

Brahmo Samaj embraces truth, knowledge, reason, free will and virtuous intuition (observation) as guides.

Brahmo Samaj embraces secular principles but oppose sectarianism and imposition of religious belief into governance (especially propagation of religious belief by government).

Brahmo Samaj embraces the co-existence of Brahmo principles with governance, but oppose all governance in conflict with Brahmo principles.

Brahmo Samaj rejects narrow theism (epecially polytheism), idolatry, ascetism and symbolism.

Brahmo Samaj rejects the need for formal rituals, priests or places (church, temple, mosque) for worship.

Brahmo Samaj rejects dogma and superstition.

Brahmo Samaj rejects scripture as authority.

Brahmos reject revelations, prophets, gurus, messiahs, or avatars as authority.

Brahmo Samaj rejects bigotry and irrational distinctions like caste, creed, colour, race, religion which divide beings.

Brahmo Samaj rejects all forms of totalitarianism.

Brahmos question the prevalent notion of "sin".

Brahmos question the prevalent notions of "heaven" or "hell".

Brahmos question the prevalent notion of "salvation".

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