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To-day being the _____ day of the ______ month in the year of _____ Saka, I herewith embrace the Brahmaic faith,

lst Vow. I will worship, through love of Him and the performance of the works He loveth, the One boundless Author and Preserver who hath no second.

2nd Vow. I will worship no created object as Him.

3rd Vow. Except the day of sickness or of tribulation, every day, the mind being undisturbed, I will engage it with love and veneration of God.

4th Vow. I will exert to perform righteous deeds.

5th Vow. I will be careful to abstain myself from vicious deeds.

6th Vow. If, through the influence of passion, I commit any vice, then, wishing redemption from it, I will make myself cautious not to do it again.

7th Vow. Every year, and on the occasion of every happy domestic event of mine, I will bestow gifts upon the limit as set by the Samaj.

Grant me, 0 God ! power to observe the duties of this great faith.


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