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Over the years the Brahmo Samaj has been known for many issues / doctrines, but with so many of these issues being acknowledged by incorporation into Hinduism, I would like to know what Brahmos believe to be the single most issue / doctrine / principle which defines Brahmoism today.

Idolation, caste system, the brotherhood of man etc are but the superficial aspects of Brahmoism and not central to its modern relevance.

At the core of Brahmoism is our *Unique Conception of God, our Theism*. The way God is conceived of in Brahmoism differs from that of every other religion.

Firstly we believe in One True God. This means that Brahmoism is a monotheistic religion like pure Hinduism, pure Judaism and Islam.

Secondly we believe that Brahma is *not* a personal God. This is also the authentic conception of God in the 3 religions mentioned above. This necessarily implies that Brahma does not take an interest in the activities of individuals, listen to or grant their prayers or save them. At our religion's core is the message that "praying" is useless - instead we must adore (ie. contemplate and selflessly love) the Author and Preserver.

Thirdly we believe that God does not reveal his knowledge to Man directly. This immediately sets us apart from Islam and most variants of Judaism.

Fourthly we believe that God (Brahma) is the law (or principle or "essence" or "spirit") which governs Existence (Being). In other words God is the Supreme Being, there is no other above or below "him", nor any before or after "him", and All that is pure, true and bliss is One (Brahma).
Om Ekamevadwiteeyam Satyam jyanam anandam brahma Anandarupam amritam yadivibhuti Shantam shivam advaitam Shuddham apapabiddham.

Eventually, we are forced to conclude that Brahmoism is that pure Hinduism which has been abandoned or corrupted in India, and that Brahmos are so different from the Hindus of today, that we must exist as a separate religion.

The Brahmo Samaj has always stood for the salvation of the people of India and not for individual salvation.

"In the present age when communities are fighting one against another and the entire atmosphere is darkened with the prospect of communal conflagrations even among sections of the same community, the salvation of India will not be accomplished in a thousand years if she does not accept the message of the Brahmo Samaj: ONE NATION, ONE GOD, ONE COUNTRY AND ONE SINGLE PURPOSE

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We believe, Sivanath Sastri

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